After running into trouble with the IRS due to a failing small business, I didn’t know where to turn.  I had ignored notices and I owed about $50,000.  Rodney was easy to work with and assured me a solution could be worked out.  In the end the amount I owed was cut in half and I am currently enrolled in payment plan.  I highly recommend the VK Group!


“Thanks for all you help and guidance on all of this Rod.   My finance’s daughter owns a business in Houston.  I am constantly passing along your tips and information bulletins to her.  She is amazed that my accountant keeps me that well informed because hers does not.”


I am very pleased with the services that you and your staff have provided for me. I especially am happy with the idea that I can email you questions and you very promptly reply back, this helps us be proactive. I also like the idea that you met with us to hear our concerns and listen to your advice. Thank again for your services. O.G.


My husband and I started a new business in 2014.  We received 1099's for almost $200,000 and spent most of the money personally with very little business expenses.  We had a problem due to the fact the IRS would be looking for 40% of that.  In addition to that we had a similar problem for 2015.  We found out that we needed to see an Enrolled Agent and found Rod Vander Kooi, the local Enrolled Agent.
The first thing he pointed out was that our LLC was not set up properly in terms of tax advantages and protection.  He filed the proper forms with the IRS to legally reduce our taxes for future returns.
He then filed our 2014 and 2015 returns to find out what we really owed including penalties and interest.  There was no way we were able to pay that.
He explained that there were different ways to resolve these IRS problems.  He was able to pull all of our IRS transcripts going back to 1990.  I then entered our personal financial information into his specialized software along with what we owed the IRS to have it analyzed to determine what options applied to our situation.
Because of our high income situation he could only resolve it through a installment agreement.  Since it was well over 50,000 we had to get approval from the IRS.  Rod Vander Kooi took care of all the work for the special approval and we resolved it all with monthly payments of $1,330 a month which was far less than we expected and well within our budget.  He then educated us on how not to get into that situation again.

S.H., Ovilla, TX

I had an Identity Theft problem and had not filed for the last 5 years.  A Revenue Agent and an IRS attorney were after me for almost a half million dollars.  I had no money and little to no business records.  I prayed about it and a friend of mine recommended that I go see an Enrolled Agent Rod Vander Kooi.  He held the IRS off until we filed the old tax returns and addressed the Identity Theft issues.  We settled with the IRS for $9,000 at $125 month.  I told my daughter in his office to thank this man because he saved our house.

Jose M., Red Oak, TX

My attorney recommended that I go see Rod Vander Kooi at VK Group, LLC.  Several years back I had stopped filing my taxes due to several family tragedies that I had to deal with.  The IRS filed one for more me demanding that I pay them $110,000 and kept sending me more and more demanding letters each month.  Finally the IRS gave me 90 days to respond or be forced into Tax Court.  They added another $60,000 in penalties bringing the total to $170,000.  I told Rod that if I gave them every dollar I made for the next four years I would still be short.  Rod told me what he needed from me and kept working with the IRS to hold off the Tax Court until I was able to get everything together.  He showed me all the certified mail that he had to send and all the calls he had to make.  Finally, the IRS sent a letter stating that I had a 550 refund.  I am so thankful Greg referred me to Rod!

Thomas R., Irving, TX

We have known Rod Vander Kooi for a couple of decades.  Since that time of a single business we have expanded into an assortment of many different types of businesses from retail to service businesses to a restaurant and to real estate property management throughout Tarrant county Texas and even in California.  From the beginning he showed us how to keep our records, produced our financial statements, prepared our payrolls, and prepared all business and personal taxes. Several times, for thousands of dollars, he was able to get the IRS to abate penalties due to other accountant errors and/or neglect.  When financial problems come up he is always there to resolve the problem.  The great thing is having systems in place that keep everything current and someone you trust to keep the problems down to a minimum. He has been a life saver and protector and has saved us a lot of money too.  He is one of a kind and cares about his clients.  He has never let us down and we never pay any late penalties.  He is also very passionate and very consistent on everything that comes our way.  There is no one out there as good as he is.  Never have I been disappointed doing business with him over the last couple of decades.  He is always as close as your phone or text.

Mike and Terri Taube, Grandbury, TX

Rod Vander Kooi managed the financial end of my medical clinic for five years until its sale to a much larger hospital system.  During that period he not only straightened out the bookkeeping of several businesses for me, he gave me peace of mind with current tax reporting. When health care insurance for employees doubled during that period he utilized a new health care premium IRS credit that saved me almost $45,000 over three years.  When the IRS tried to disallow the credit the second year, he was able to get that decision reversed. The first two winters, extremely cold weather busted the sprinkler system pipes in the attic of the clinic, resulting in major flooding.  Income revenue was severely disrupted for a couple of months each time but his cash flow management got us through. Finally, when the sale negotiations were in progress, he was able to provide all the necessary answers and documentation required for a successful sale.  I finally achieved my goal of being a doctor taking care of my patients without the problems of running a business. Mr. Vander Kooi is a very fine, honorable, dependable and pro active Christian man with impeccable morals and ethics.  I have and would trust him with any and all financial, budget and tax operations and situations whether personal or business.

Charlie Ruby DO, Midlothian TX

I was shocked when the IRS was telling me I owed around $40,000 in taxes for the year I got divorced. I wasn't just shocked, I was scared. Where was a single mother who is starting her life over going to get that kind of money? Why were they coming after me for it? I had paid every tax and filed every quarterly report that I was supposed to until I wasn't able to anymore. I even got a letter stating they would levy my account until it was paid. I went to a tax specialty group in Dallas. They wanted me to pay them a couple thousand dollars and they could only help me set up a payment plan with the IRS. Something just wasn't right. I knew I shouldn't have to pay in the $40k. I left that office and didn't go back. Luckily, I had Rod Vander Kooi to help me with this very bad situation. Rod told me what information I needed to get together and he knew which forms needed to be filed. A thick packet of papers was sent to the IRS with all of my information and my personal story. Waiting for a response from the IRS seemed like it took forever but they cleared me from owing the $40k. Without Rod and his great knowledge of the tax world, I probably would still be paying in for that dreadful year. I strongly recommend anyone and everyone to go to Rod for ALL of their tax needs, big or small. He knows what he is doing!

Jaclyn C. Waxahachie, TX.


E.V. of DeSoto forgot to tell his new bride that he had not filed his taxes since 2007.  When they tried to file the 2016 return requesting a 10K earned income credit refund, the IRS would not process it because the last 9 years had not been filed.  VK Group retrieved the IRS transcripts for 9 years, filed 10 years of returns, got E.V.'s family 5K of that 10K, and E.V. and his new wife both sleep better at night.

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